2017 Will Be Unlike Anything I Have Seen Before

On a personal and collective level, 2017 is unlike anything we have ever seen before. There is literally no blueprint of the past to help us deal, cope and attack the events that are happening around us. We are left to make it up and strategize all of this as we go.

Another Rough Draft

Recently, I was asked where I see myself in one year and in five years. One thing came to mind, I will be in Madison. Otherwise, I saw nothing at all.

Evil Is Invisible

As of this moment today, I don’t even know what in my life is worth caring, worrying and stressing about when this chance of violence is lurking all around us.

Minimalism: How I Got Here.

Over the past month, I have caught myself feeling anxious, annoyed and mad at myself for accumulating more things again. I have even felt spiteful towards friends of mine who suggest that I need to purchase more furniture or that I should buy a car.