About Vn

Vivid Neutrality began in 2014 as an inter-media performance composition to prove that exclusivity is OUT and inclusivity is IN.  I always knew I would bring Vn back to life one day, but I chose to let it rest for some time.

My original vision was to share, archive my experiences, my thoughts and my formerly morphing theories and philosophies about life. I soon realized that the word vomit confessional of my chaotic thoughts was not turning out to be the best way for me to feel connected to the people around me.

In the past two years, I have learned that there is a difference between being an open-book and having an open-mind.

My life has become something unrecognizable from the life I lived when Vn first began. The ideas, the thoughts and the philosophies that inspired the creation of this platform still remain, but have become tangible and are woven into every bit of me because I figured out how to live them.




Cece is the creator and voice behind the essays of Vivid Neutrality.  She is also a visual artist, a community leader, minimalist and avid bicycle commuter in Charlotte, North Carolina.